At Marineterrein Amsterdam, solutions to global issues are devised, tested and put into practice. Here, a leading international community of innovators, scientists and businesses work together to boost and build upon the strong international position held by both Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The Marineterrein is going to be a future-proof city district featuring open innovation, accessible and flexible living and working space, unique housing, sports, recreation, and greenery.  Over 40 organizations are part of the Marineterrein Community. Together, they make an essential contribution to the development of this area. 


About our name

Use in titles and in the first paragraph always ‘Marineterrein Amsterdam’ (without the), after that it’s simply ‘the Marineterrein’. If necessary, you can add that it is a former military area. The ‘former Marineterrein’ does not exist. The Marineterrein is still partly military, which is officially called ‘Marine Etablissement Amsterdam‘.

About Wayfinding:

During the military past, all buildings were numbered, street names do not exist. That’s why the wayfinding system is based on these numbers.  It consists of roughly 4 components:

  • Street plan signs (at the entrances)
  • Door signs (metal frames with blue signs)
  • Routes (a yellow route along Kade West and a red route across the Voorwerf) visible on lampposts and signposts
  • Building numbers

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