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Invitation Marineterrein Live 31 januari

This is your chance to involve your business-relations to all the exciting stuff that’s going on at the Marineterrein.

Here you find the invitation to Marineterrein Live ‘New Year Celebration’ on Thursday 31 January.

Feel free to forward this invitation to interesting parties, but don’t wait too long since we can only host a limited number of people.


A very merry x-mas

Christmas is coming soon, so buckle up and enjoy the ride, we wish you and everyone around you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope to see all of you soon in 2019!

On behalf of Liesbeth Jansen and the entire team of Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam.

Short community video’s

Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is working on a series of short video’s to give the community of the Marineterrein, as well as the ‘world outside’ a better idea of what’s going on at the Marineterrein. If you want to participate as well, don’t hesitate to contact Sjoerd at and he’ll be in touch for an appointment to shoot a video at your company.

Check out the video’s Sjoerd has made so far;

  • XRBase (see it here)
  • IJsfontein (check it out here)
  • Open State Foundation (view here).

More building signs

This week, more big building signs have been up on Buildings 001, 002, 003 and 024. In the new year, Buildings 027 and 006 will follow.

The signs are 80 cm tall and – depending on the location – up to 160 cm wide. Each building will have 2 signs on 2 to 4 corners, so they can be seen from every angle.

Why these new building numbers?
During the military past of the – now open – Marineterrein, all buildings were given their own number. Due to a lack of street names and the size of the buildings, the new building numbers can be very helpful for visitors to find their way across the Marineterrein.

Wayfinding on the Marineterrein consists of roughly 4 components:

  1. Street plan signs (at the entrances)
  2. Door signs (metal frames with blue signs)
  3. Routes (a yellow route along Kade West and a red route across the Voorwerf) visible on lampposts and signposts
  4. Building numbers

Name Marineterrein Amsterdam


Gebruik in titels en in eerste alinea altijd voluit ‘Marineterrein Amsterdam’ (zonder lidwoord), daarna kun je volstaan met ‘het Marineterrein’. Indien nodig kun je toevoegen dat het gaat om een voormalig militair gebied. Het andere deel van het Marineterrein is nog steeds militair gebied en heet officieel Marine Etablissement Amsterdam.



Use in titles and in the first paragraph always ‘Marineterrein Amsterdam’ (without the), after that it’s ‘the Marineterrein’. If necessary, you can add that it is a former military area. The other part of the site is still a military area and is officially called Marine Etablissement Amsterdam.

Talks&Drinks&Tour 17th January at AMS Institute

You and your colleagues are invited to join the first community get-together of the new year on January 17th, hosted by AMS Institute.

During the program, you can learn about some of the fascinating projects that people at AMS Institute are working on and you will get a tour of their new building and the Roboat Expo. Furthermore, there is room for the latest news* about the Marineterrein and its community. 

Program Thursday, January 17th
4.30 pm walk-in, drinks and bites
5.00 pm talks & toast
5.30 pm tour through AMS Institute
7.00 pm end

We hope to see you there!

On behalf of

Kenneth Heijns & Arjan van Timmeren (AMS Institute) and Liesbeth Jansen (Bureau Marineterrein)  

*Do you have news to share too? Contact

January 31: Marineterrein Live

Marineterrein LIVE will be showcasing what the community of the Marineterein has to offer to other parties. The main goal is to connect interesting parties to the Marineterrein Community and build collaborations.

In a cocktail of talks and demos, several organizations at the Marineterrein, such as AMS Institute, Growth Tribe, Codam and IJsfontein, will demonstrate how the community of the Marineterrein takes on relevant challenges in 2019. Key words are: growth hacking, open data, networking, playful learning, liquid leadership, roaming, virtual & augmented reality, washed water & more.

17.00: doors open
17.30: opening of Marineterrein Live (guest speaker)
17.45: live sessions: talks, food & drinks, networks, demos
20.00: end

Location: Marineterrein Amsterdam, Workshop Building 027

Interested to join? Contact

December 19 Meet-up Sensemakers

Meet-up Sensemakers

December 15: World War 2-ceremony at the Voorwerf

The annual World War 2-ceremony at the memorial sign (Voorwerf), takes place on Saturday, December 15 between 12.30 and 13.00 hours.  The memorial commemorates 142 students of the former sea scouts (‘Kweekschool voor de Zeevaart’) that were killed during the Second World War. Approximately 50-100 people are expected. The (car) spaces around the monument itself will be fenced off as of the day before.

New @Marineterrein: Sensiks

Sensiks builds multi-sensory pods in which people can receive treatment for trauma or anxiety. Sensiks uses video, audio, odor, temperature, wind and light. In that way, all senses are stimulated to mimic life-like situations. This can be useful for treating burnouts or post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Sensiks also develops programs to enhance the quality of life of the elderly and disabled people. Sensiks is part of XRBASE and is housed in Building 27E. If you are interested in a demo, contact

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