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Lighting design test

Wednesday evening August 28th, Beers Nielsen Lighting Designers will try out illumination installations at several locations on the Marineterrein. The main goal is to improve safety at the Marineterrein without affecting the qualities of the evening. You can find a representative example of the work of Beers Nielsen here:
Test locations will be:
  • The main entry at Kattenburgerstraat 5=7
  • Codam / Heliveld
  • West facades of building 027 E and building 027 W
Building up installations: from 19.00 hours
Testing installations: from 20.30 hours
You are welcome to have a look!

Who to contact at Bureau Marineterrein?

Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is managing the temporary developments of the Marineterrein | Phone: + 31 (0)20 261 36 56 | Building 001

team (mail:

  • Liesbeth Jansen – director
  • Thijs Meijer – deputy director and process manager
  • Byril Willemsen – policy officer
  • Suzanne Bartholomeus – personal assistant
  • Tomas Aarden – finance
  • Luca Aarden – operations manager
  • Anikka Fulop – project assistant
  • Gerben Mienis – special projects
  • Johan van Dijk – property manager
  • Mark Bakker – maintenance
  • Davy Barkey – maintenance
  • Joost Evers  – maintenance
  • Vries Strookman – communication strategy
  • Jacqueline Verheugen- community manager
  • Sjoerd Ponstein – editor
  • Maureen Barkey – catering

The Polo (Porter’s Lodge) is handling visitor information, mail/packages & parking requests  | + 31 (0)20 261 36 57 | Building 003 A

team: Kim & Tula


Communication Channels



About wayfinding


During the military past, all buildings were numbered, street names do not exist. That’s why the wayfinding system is based on these numbers.  It consists of roughly 4 components:

  • Street plan signs (at the entrances)
  • Door signs (metal frames with blue signs)
  • Routes (a yellow route along Kade West and a red route across the Voorwerf) visible on lampposts and signposts
  • Building numbers


  • [the name of your company]
  • Marineterrein Amsterdam [link included]
  • Kattenburgerstraat 5
  • Building number XXX-X
  • 1018 JA Amsterdam

Wayfinding support:

[Save the Date] opening Schietbaan

The transformation of the Schietbaan into a colourfull piece of art was recently completed. This strange and isolated building has no windows and therefore ideal for VR experiments, media art or sound art.  After the summer, we continue programming the Schietbaan with initiatives from Cityscapes Gallery and AHK.

Call: if you have ideas for the Schietbaan or if you need it to do a test run, mail to

Save the Date: On September 12th*, at 17.00 hours, the Schietbaan, will be opened officially. The community of the Marineterrein is very welcome to join. An invitation will follow soon.

*NOT the 5th as mentioned earlier

[Summer] Amsterdamse Waterspelen

Hard work is being done on solutions for the city on the Marineterrein, but once a year we also celebrate the pleasure of water and sports. The Amsterdamse Waterspelen is a fantastic summer weekend full of special water sports, exciting races, water science, live music and free swimming for young and old. During the Amsterdam Water Games you can get acquainted with and participate in X-Diving, synchronized swimming, the Open Mokums Championship ‘Bommetje’, solar boat building and the infamous ‘Zeepkistenrace’. Admission is free of charge.

From August 23 to 25, at the Marineterrein, in and around the harbour.

Building up will start some days beforehand, nuisance for the businesses on Kade West will be avoided as much as possible.  More detailed information will follow shortly or contact if you want to know more.

After the summer, more events will follow;


[Parking] No permit, no parking

Mid-August, the electric bollard will be re-installed in the main route, right after passing Pension Homeland. From that moment on, Kade West is only accessible by car to permit holders. All other cars must park elsewhere. Permission is only granted to suppliers for the delivery or collection of goods and to people with reduced mobility.

Marineterrein parking policy

The Marineterrein parking policy was, is and remains as follows: there is a limited number of permits for the community. These permits are distributed in the community by contract. There is no parking space for community guests and others: they must park elsewhere. For the last couple of months however, this policy could not be enforced due to works on the Living Lab and the absence of the electric bollard. 

Enforcement policy is resumed

From mid-August, the enforcement of the Marineterrein parking policy will be applied. From that moment, our student porters will have the instruction not to let anyone through without a permit or permission. Note: anyone with permission to load or unload, is risking a high fine if he or she is not leaving after the job is done.

Park elsewhere
Anyone who comes by car but does not have a permit must therefore park elsewhere; in one of the parking garages in the area or via valet parking. A cheap and fast solution is to use P + R Zeeburg. From there, just hop on tram 26, which will take you to the Kattenburgerstraat in no time. It costs just €1 (arriving after 10.00 AM) to a maximum of €8 per 24 hours.

Marineterrein car-free

In the process of making the Marineterrein a car-free area, several steps are taken. E.G. in August, a pilot will start with Foodlogica to distribute orders from supermarkets. On top of that, a test with autonomous transport is expected to take place at the Marineterrein this autumn.

[Living Lab] Job offer

Marineterrein Amsterdam is an area to research, experiment and test in a real-life setting. That is why the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is currently constructed. From September onwards, urban innovations that make cities livable can be tested here. Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab a collaboration between AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Amsterdam Smart City, Amsterdam Economic Board, NEMO Science Museum and Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. 

Job offer

We are currently looking for an operations officer for the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab, who can start in September 2019, for 16-24 hours per week. 

Interested? Learn more here:

You can respond until Friday, August 16, 2019

[Living Lab] Phase one finished

Phase 1 of the construction of the Living Lab is finished. A number of green beds have been planted, heaps of sand and stones are gone and the future testbeds are in position. After the summer break, work on the infrastructure of the testbeds –  water, electricity, internet – resumes. In the road along the quay, permanent steel poles will be positioned to hold back cars from the Living Lab area.

Situation from September

From September on, some major projects start in the Living Lab area: E.G. the City Sports project we mentioned earlier and a research project by AMS Institute to extract nutrients from urine. The living lab will show continuous activity since more projects will follow and finished projects will be replaced by others. When there is a possibility, vacant testbeds are used as temporary gardens. 

Job offer

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is looking for an operations officer. Read more here


[Summer] Holiday closure

  • The porter’s lodge is open the whole summer.
  • Though several team members are working the next weeks the office of Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam will be closed until August 9th. This means that the office mail and phone are not answered. 
  • Maintenance is present the whole summer.
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