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[sport] May 28 Start Chi Kung at the Voorwerf

Do you want to start your day relaxed and full of energy? Meridian Chi Kung is a standing movement that you can do anywhere. The exercises have a deep effect on your energy system. By moving mindfull you build peace, strength and flexibility. You also prevent physical complaints this way. Above all, you get pleasure (back) in moving. A participant says: “The movements are so natural, it’s like I’ve always known them.”

  • By: Koen Tangelder
  • Dates: Tuesday 28 May, 4, 11, 18 and 25 June and 2 July (if it rains, the class will be canceled)
  • Time: from 8.30 am to 9.30 am
  • Location: Voorwerf Marineterrein, Kattenburgerstraat 5, Amsterdam.
  • Costs: € 5.00 per class
  • To participate: mail to or app to 06 83 990 992
  • More info:

[invitation] June 4 community drinks at Amsterdam Economic Board/Amsterdam Smart City

You and your colleagues are invited to join the next community get-together on June 4th, hosted by Amsterdam Economic Board/Amsterdam Smart City in their brand new office in Building 002A at the Voorwerf.  We start off with a welcoming speech by Nina Tellegen, director of AmecBoard. Special guests this time will be Defensity College and some new community members who will introduce themselves to you.

Program Thursday, June 4th

16.45  walk-in, Building 002 A
17.15  welcome by Nina Tellegen,  meet Defensity College and new community members
17.30 – 19.00  hours drinks & bites

RSVP to, mentioning June 4th.

We hope to see you there!

On behalf of
Nina Tellegen (AmecBoard) and Liesbeth Jansen (Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam)

[finall call] June 17-21 Designsprint WeMakeThe.City

During WeMakeThe.City – from June 17 to 21 –  Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is organizing a Design Sprint together with IJsfontein. The goal is to solve at least one of the most urgent social issues that are currently troubling the neighborhood, by using the full potential of the innovating powers at the Marineterrein. Next to our neighbors from Kattenburg, AMS Institute, Codam and Clubhouse/La Bolleur have joined this project. We only need two more community members of the Marineterrein to participate part time.

So, if you think you can make a positive contribution to this exciting project, and you have some spare time (1 or 2 days) please step forward!

Just send an email to and she will be in touch with you.



[signage] Navigating by numbers

During the military past, all buildings were numbered, street names do not exist. That’s why the wayfinding system is based on these numbers. All buildings have large building signs, except for Building 039, which will have signs soon too. A new map of the Marineterrein has been made and will be installed this month. More signposts and new door signs will follow.  You can download the new map of the Marineterrein Amsterdam here.

Please follow these guidelines;

  • It is crucial to mention the number of your building in all publications.
  • Put in a backlink to the Marineterrein on your website


  • [the name of your company]
  • Marineterrein Amsterdam [link included]
  • Kattenburgerstraat 5
  • Building number XXX-X
  • 1018 JA Amsterdam


New @Marineterrein: Next Nature Network

Next Nature Network is a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, NNN is the international network for anyone interested in the debate on our future – in which biology and technology are fusing. NNN headquarters is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, planet Earth, the Universe.

In a landscape of traditional nature organizations, NNN is the only group that approaches the concept of nature in a new manner. Preserving nature is of great importance, but we must also dare to look ahead. Will we grow meat without slaughtering animals? Embrace the robot as a colleague? Earn ECO coins for sustainable actions? Will men have babies one day? We want to go forward – not back – to nature.

Next Nature Network
Marineterrein Amsterdam
Kattenburgerstraat 5
gebouw 002 B
1018 JA Amsterdam

[invitation] April 18th opening expo

After months of hard work, co-creation sessions, research, stakeholder interviews, design, and product development, the first MSc MADE students from AMS Institute will reveal their results in a Living Lab exhibition on April 18th. Marineterrein Community members are more than welcome to join! hope to see you there!


AMS is a new Amsterdam based public-private institute where talent is educated and engineers, designers, digital engineers and natural/social scientists jointly develop and valorise interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions.


[invitation] 24 April special tour for community members

On April 24th, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is organizing a special tour for all community members, and especially for those of you who have just arrived at the Marineterrein. Find out what’s going on and meet your fellow community members.  At the end of the tour, we’ll stop and have a drink at the brand new Brouwerij Homeland, one of the latest additions to the Marineterrein.

Community Tour April 24, 2019

  • Starting point: Commandantswoning (Building 001), Marineterrein Amsterdam
  • 15.45 hours Walk-in
  • 16.00 hours Start
  • 17.00 hours Stop @ Brouwerij Homeland
  • 17.30 hours End

[invitation] April 25 The Race Track Community Battle

La Bolleur presents The Race Track; A forty-two meters no-screw-no-glue building kit which brings racing to a whole new level.
Location:  Makerspaces behind Clubhouse
When: from April 18 – May 19
>>>> Special invitation to all community membersApril 25 The Race Track Community Battle, 17.00 – 20.00 hours <<<<<
>>>> 1 sign up = 1 drink on the house; (mention: The Race Track) <<<<

Kids these days may be addicted to video games, but there’s no substitute for playing in the real world. Small but very fast cars driving around a beautifully engineered race track. The drivers are wearing video-glasses and view the race track as if they were sitting inside the race car. This technique is known as first-person-view, or FPV in short. It creates an experience of playing a videogame in real life. With The Race Track, La Bolleur aims to bring back the joy of building and take the virtual back to reality.

Enjoy the ride!

[invitation] April 30 media training

TV, radio and newspapers are still an important source of information for customers, suppliers and consumers. They are therefore also important for the reputation of you as a community member and the community on the Marineterrein as a whole. How should I deal with journalists, how do I best tell my story? How do I really tell the story in a newsworthy way?

Again, after three successful editions,  the communication team at Bureau Marineterrein offers the community a media training. We bring you up to speed with more experience, knowledge and ease to tell your story in only two hours and free of charge.

This media training is accessible to one representative of your organization.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 30
  • Time: 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Location: Green Screen Studio (Building 003 A)
  • By whom: Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, Vries Strookman & colleagues

[Domestic] AED’s

The Marineterrein now has 3 AED’s*. Locations:

  1. Pension Homeland
  2. Building 027E (lobby next to Clubhouse)
  3. Building 024 (lobby)

How to use an AED

*An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that can restore the heart rhythm in the event of a cardiac arrest. This is done by giving an electric shock.


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