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[Logistics] Foodlogica e-bike deliveries

Foodlogica is a logistical service designed to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s local food system. This month, Foodlogica starts a pilot at the Marineterrein, bringing supermarket orders to your door by e-bike. It’s another small step towards a car-free Marineterrein. Foodlogica takes the whole month of August to set up a system that works best for the community of the Marineterrein. This is the plan;

  1. First, FoodLogica starts with informing en questioning companies.
  2. Then, the Polo starts taking in deliveries for community-members from supermarkets* at the main entrance.
  3. Deliveries go straight to the Foodlogica-hub at the main entrance, where they are checked and stocked.
  4. Every work-day, Foodlogica picks-up deliveries and distributes them by e-bike between 10.00 and 12.00 hours in the morning.
  5. Have your orders delivered before 11.00 hours to Marineterrein Amsterdam, Building 003A. Orders that arrive after 12.00 hours stay in refrigerators and will be delivered the next day.

*The plan concerns supermarket deliveries only.  Restaurant deliveries, offices supplies and other orders are not part of this plan.

[Summer] Instock Foodtruck

Message received after sending the newsletter: The Instock Foodtruck is no longer on the Marineterrein.
Instock Food Truck serves sustainable, fresh lunch dishes made from rescued products. This summer – until August 31 – you can find this special food truck next to the Codam building on the Marineterrein, since it’s there especially for Codam students. Anybody visiting or working on the Marineterrein is welcome too.

[WORKS] Transformation Kade West continues

Work on Kade West was restarted this week. Together with Living Lab partners AMS Institute, NEMO De Studio, AMEC Board and Amsterdam Smart City, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is building the Living Lab; a unique place in the heart of the city where solutions for urban challenges can be tested.

Jobs for the next months

The greenhouse, which is currently next to building 024, will move to kade West soon. Also, preparations are already being made for the testbed of the City Sports project, which starts right after the summer. Furthermore,  a flexible infrastructure (water, electricity, internet) will be built around the test fields, this will take several months to finish.

Neat and tidy on July 10th

The exhibition The Future of Food starts on July 10 at NEMO De Studio, with hundreds of visitors each day. By then, the facade of The Studio will be finished and the entrance should be neat and tidy.

Ongoing transformation

As Marineterein Amsterdam Living Lab will host subsequent projects that need to be tested, this part of the Marineterrein will be subjected to continuous change and ongoing work.


We do not expect any serious noise nuisance, but there will be construction traffic to take into account. If you have problems because of constructions works, or if you have questions, please send an email to and we will look for a solution or an answer straight away.

[COMMUNITY] Official opening Codam

On July 2, Her Majesty the Queen Máxima is officially opening the programming school in the presence of Minister Van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science. During these festivities, Queen Máxima is given a tour of the building and talks with students and staff about their experiences at Codam. The emphasis here is on the teaching method, the curriculum and on the importance of an inclusive and diverse community.

Festivities take place between 14.30 and 18.00 hours. There will be more cars passing the main route than usual, but parking is on the military part of the area.

The opening is by invitation only.


[SUMMER CAMP] Special discount for Community members

Good news if you have teenaged children;  participating in this year’s Summer Camp; Sneaker Challenge (15-19 July) will only cost you 75 instead of 175 euros.  How? Just send an e-mail to,  mentioning discount code ‘Bureau Marineterrein’ plus the name(s) of your kid(s) and Daniëlle Willemse will get in touch with about all the details.

About Summer Camp: Sneaker Challenge

This year, Summer Camp is all about making fun & learning by making a unique pair of sneakers from scratch; from design to prototype.  Children in the age of 12-14 or 15-17 can participate. Summer Camp takes place from 15 – 19 July 2019. Normal price: 175 euros, including lunches + afterparty.

Mentors needed too!

Are you (a bit) sporty, (a lot of) fun and do you want to help teenagers to have a great week here at the Marineterrein? Then Summer Camp can use your help. Just send an e-mail to Danielle Willemse via

More info about Summer Camp

[SPORTS] Summer@Marineterrein Amsterdam

Chi Kung at the Voorwerf

  • By: Koen Tangelder
  • Dates: Wednesdays 2, 9, 16 en 23 July (no class when it rains)
  • Time: 8.30 – 9.30 hours
  • Location: Voorwerf
  • Costs: € 5 per class
  • To participate:  mail or app to 06 83 99 09 92
  • More info:

Kickboxing lessons in the fitness garden

  • By: Maartje & Willempje from Boxing School Bijlmerbajes
  • Dates: every Wednesday, from June to August 2019
  • Time: from 18.00 – 19.00 hours (make sure you’re present 15 minutes in advance)
  • Location: Fitness garden Marineterrein Amsterdam(between building 024 & 025)
  • Costs: € 10.00 per lesson, € 35 per month
  • To participate: call or app to 06 41 29 39 23
  • More info:

Sup & canoe clinics

  • By: Kanoschool Amsterdam
  • Dates: every first Sunday: 2 June, 7 July, 4 August, 1 September 2019
  • Location: harbour Marineterrein Amsterdam
  • To participate: mail (or on location)
  • Sup Clinics: 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 hours, Costs:  € 15,- including wetsuit en sup board / rent a sup: € 10,- per hour
  • Canoe Clinics:  13.00, 15.00 hours, Costs: € 10,- including canoe / rent a  canoe: € 7,50 per hour


[WAYFINDING] New signs are placed

Almost all new signs at the Marineterrein have now been put up. There are a few entrance signs that need added (around 027) or replaced (near 003), this will be done during the coming weeks. As you all know, the building number is the basis for the location of communion members on the Marineterrein, that is why you need to mention your building number at all times (also online, see this post about optimizing your findability).

Wayfinding at the Marineterrein consists of:

  1. map boards at entrances where you can find building numbers
  2. totem poles that indicate public locations and the route of all building numbers
  3. building numbers
  4. entrance signs

Signage by Community members

  1. Community members who share a building can put up signs at the entrance, behind the window according to these guidelines.
  2. Community members with an entire building (Codam, AMS) have been given permission by Bureau Marineterrein to put signage on the facade.
  3. Community members with a public function also have been given permission to do some flexible signage near their entrance.

Outside the Marineterrein

What happens outside the Marineterrein in terms of communication is on your own initiative and in agreement with the municipality.

Event signing

Event organizers such as WeMakeThe.City need to make a request in advance for additional (temporary) signs, flags or billboards during the time of the event. Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam decides if this is acceptable.

[WAYFINDING] Google my business

Wayfinding on Marineterrein Amsterdam is never finished. The area grows and changes continuously. Morover, we have building numbers instead of street names. Next to physical signage, it is very important to optimize findability on Google Maps, this concerns both community members and the Marineterrein as a whole. That is why we organized a Google Map Workshop together with people from Localyse on May 9th.

Download here: 13 easy steps to optimize your listing on Google Maps (tailor-made for the Marineterrein Community!)

Some extra tips for community members

  • Go to Google My Business (GMB) and claim your business. If you don’t, other parties can easily change your preferences.
  • Fill out all input boxes with your business details and don’t forget your BUILDING NUMBER.
  • Put your ‘pin’ close to the actual entrance. If you share the entrance with others, put your pin right next to your neighbours.
  • Check and update your listing on GMB regularly.

Marineterrein @googlemaps 

  • Together with Localyse, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam has updated the lay-out of the Marineterrein with new walkways.
  • Strategic facilities such as the fitness garden and the porter’s lodge have been added to Google Maps.
  • Next step: gain Google streetview images of (the Marineterrein is not public and therefore not covered by google streetview ).



[COMMUNITY] New member: Digital Society School

Digital Society School is a new form of education within the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA). It is a growing community of learners, creators and designers who create a meaningful impact on society.
Gijs Gootjes (Co-founder & Head of Strategy Digital Society School): “We are looking forward to joining the vibrant community of the Marineterrein with our mix of tech, design and social innovation programs. From our spot at the Marineterrein, we will train ‘life long learners’ and organizations in different phases of development. We will help them to shape the digital transformation of society, towards a more inclusive and sustainable society. We can’t wait meeting the other partners of Marineterrein Amsterdam to train and shape a better future together.”

Digital Society School
Marineterrein Amsterdam
Kattenburgerstraat 5
gebouw 003 C
1018 JA Amsterdam

[ACCESS] Works on railway bridge

During the weekend of July 6-8, access to the Kattenburgerstraat via the Piet Heinkade is impossible due to works on the railway bridge. To be exact: From Saturday morning 01.00 hours July 6  to Monday morning July 8 8.00 hours.

More specifics;

BLVC-plan Kattenburgerstraat Amsterdam

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