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Regels, mededelingen en ander blijvend belangrijk nieuws

[signage] Navigating by numbers

During the military past, all buildings were numbered, street names do not exist. That’s why the wayfinding system is based on these numbers. All buildings have large building signs, except for Building 039, which will have signs soon too. A new map of the Marineterrein has been made and will be installed this month. More signposts and new door signs will follow.  You can download the new map of the Marineterrein Amsterdam here.

Please follow these guidelines;

  • It is crucial to mention the number of your building in all publications.
  • Put in a backlink to the Marineterrein on your website


  • [the name of your company]
  • Marineterrein Amsterdam [link included]
  • Kattenburgerstraat 5
  • Building number XXX-X
  • 1018 JA Amsterdam


[community] Next Nature Network

Next Nature Network is a network of makers, thinkers, educators and supporters. With members in 44 countries, NNN is the international network for anyone interested in the debate on our future – in which biology and technology are fusing. NNN headquarters is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, planet Earth, the Universe.

In a landscape of traditional nature organizations, NNN is the only group that approaches the concept of nature in a new manner. Preserving nature is of great importance, but we must also dare to look ahead. Will we grow meat without slaughtering animals? Embrace the robot as a colleague? Earn ECO coins for sustainable actions? Will men have babies one day? We want to go forward – not back – to nature.

Next Nature Network
Marineterrein Amsterdam
Kattenburgerstraat 5
gebouw 002 B
1018 JA Amsterdam

New @Marineterrein: Sensiks

Sensiks builds multi-sensory pods in which people can receive treatment for trauma or anxiety. Sensiks uses video, audio, odor, temperature, wind and light. In that way, all senses are stimulated to mimic life-like situations. This can be useful for treating burnouts or post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Sensiks also develops programs to enhance the quality of life of the elderly and disabled people. Sensiks is part of XRBASE and is housed in Building 27E. If you are interested in a demo, contact

More info:

New@Marineterrein: MAEKIT

MAEKIT is working on an online digital ecosystem that brings trust in the entire chain of digital production; a platform set up by material experts, designers and certified organizations, setting a ‘golden standard’ for digital manufacturing facilities. This digital ecosystem uses blockchain, IoT and cryptography to guarantee the quality of deliveries and to secure files and the traceability of products and processes. In this way, more industries will change more innovative – and more sustainable – production processes.  MAEKIT is housed in building 024.

More info:

Community Building 025

A recent call-for-ideas for Building 025 made one thing clear: the community opts for an affordable canteen with quick and healthy meals, great coffee and – possibly-  and shared services-facilities. Several organizations, such as CODAM, AMS Institute and XRBase, would opt for short and medium stay facilities for teams from abroad. Next step will be to gather additional information from the community. Don’t hesitate to drop your ideas over e-mail and/or through Slack.

Member Alliander DGO is now Firan

Member Alliander DGO (Duurzame Gebiedsontwikkeling) changed its name into Firan.

New e-mail addresses: <first nam>.<last name>


About Firan:

Firan identifies opportunities for solutions on a local and regional scale for the future energy supply. Firan helps develop visions for areas, establish sustainable business cases, and develop innovative solutions for energy supply and distribution.

New @Marineterrein: TechConnect

The TechConnect action program is initiated by the Amsterdam Economic Board to bridge the gap between demand and supply on the tech labour market. The ambition for the next four years is to activate, educate, re- and upskill and attract 50.000 people into tech-jobs,  to make the tech labour market diverse and inclusive and spread tech-jobs all over the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. TechConnect Week, Closer2Tech and MKB Digital Power Program are all part of the TechConnect program.

The people behind TechConnect are Viktor Bos and Ruben Nieuwenhuis, who will find a desk at the office of Amsterdam Economic Board.

Goodbye to Makerversity

As a community, we said goodbye to Makerversity yesterday.

Where are the members going?
A number of members have found a desk at XRBase.

What’s is going on on the first floor of 027E?
Growth Tribe rents the office space Makerversity previously used. Digital Natives remain in their space unit until next spring. Growth Tribe will then rent the entire floor.

What will happen with the workspace in the low building?
We are talking to organizations that have shown interest in leading the workspace. We will keep you updated.

Codam up and running

In verband met de start van de ‘piscine’ van Codam op 24 september is sinds kort is het hek achter gebouw 027 een stuk opgeschoven; vanaf nu kun je een rondje om gebouw 027 én gebouw 039 lopen. Gebouw 039 is het gebouw waarin Codam is gehuisvest. De ‘piscine’ is de maand waarin studenten de basisbeginselen leren van coderen, alvorens te starten met de echte opleiding. Het zijn zeer zware weken voor ze.

Studenten van Codam kunnen dag en nacht in het gebouw terecht, dus er is altijd beveiliging aanwezig. Overigens wordt er nog volop verbouwd, de officiële opening van Codam vindt naar verwachting begin 2019 plaats.


AMS Institute nieuwe aanwinst voor Marineterrein

Mooi nieuws, AMS Institute verhuist na de zomer naar gebouw 027W (het ‘andere’ gebouw op pootjes) op het Marineterrein. AMS Institute – de derde Universiteit van Amsterdam –  werkt aan technologische oplossingen voor de complexe uitdagingen van een metropoolregio als Amsterdam, voor nu en in de toekomst.

In gebouw 027W komen niet alleen de medewerkers, onderzoekers, projectgroepen en samenwerkingsverbanden, maar ook een grote groep studenten van de tweejarige universitaire Masteropleiding MSc MADE.  AMS gaat ook buitenruimten van het Marineterrein gebruiken voor experimenten en opstellingen, zo komt er deze zomer een proef met zelfsturende boten in de haven.

Het Parool schreef een mooi artikel over de komst van AMS naar het Marineterrein, lees hier meer.