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[invitation] April 18th opening expo

After months of hard work, co-creation sessions, research, stakeholder interviews, design, and product development, the first MSc MADE students from AMS Institute will reveal their results in a Living Lab exhibition on April 18th. Marineterrein Community members are more than welcome to join! hope to see you there!


AMS is a new Amsterdam based public-private institute where talent is educated and engineers, designers, digital engineers and natural/social scientists jointly develop and valorise interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions.


[invitation] 24 April special tour for community members

On April 24th, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is organizing a special tour for all community members, and especially for those of you who have just arrived at the Marineterrein. Find out what’s going on and meet your fellow community members.  At the end of the tour, we’ll stop and have a drink at the brand new Brouwerij Homeland, one of the latest additions to the Marineterrein.

Community Tour April 24, 2019

  • Starting point: Commandantswoning (Building 001), Marineterrein Amsterdam
  • 15.45 hours Walk-in
  • 16.00 hours Start
  • 17.00 hours Stop @ Brouwerij Homeland
  • 17.30 hours End

[invitation] April 25 The Race Track Community Battle

La Bolleur presents The Race Track; A forty-two meters no-screw-no-glue building kit which brings racing to a whole new level.
Location:  Makerspaces behind Clubhouse
When: from April 18 – May 19
>>>> Special invitation to all community membersApril 25 The Race Track Community Battle, 17.00 – 20.00 hours <<<<<
>>>> 1 sign up = 1 drink on the house; (mention: The Race Track) <<<<

Kids these days may be addicted to video games, but there’s no substitute for playing in the real world. Small but very fast cars driving around a beautifully engineered race track. The drivers are wearing video-glasses and view the race track as if they were sitting inside the race car. This technique is known as first-person-view, or FPV in short. It creates an experience of playing a videogame in real life. With The Race Track, La Bolleur aims to bring back the joy of building and take the virtual back to reality.

Enjoy the ride!

[invitation] April 30 media training

TV, radio and newspapers are still an important source of information for customers, suppliers and consumers. They are therefore also important for the reputation of you as a community member and the community on the Marineterrein as a whole. How should I deal with journalists, how do I best tell my story? How do I really tell the story in a newsworthy way?

Again, after three successful editions,  the communication team at Bureau Marineterrein offers the community a media training. We bring you up to speed with more experience, knowledge and ease to tell your story in only two hours and free of charge.

This media training is accessible to one representative of your organization.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 30
  • Time: 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Location: Green Screen Studio (Building 003 A)
  • By whom: Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, Vries Strookman & colleagues

[Domestic] AED’s

The Marineterrein now has 3 AED’s*. Locations:

  1. Pension Homeland
  2. Building 027E (lobby next to Clubhouse)
  3. Building 024 (lobby)

How to use an AED

*An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that can restore the heart rhythm in the event of a cardiac arrest. This is done by giving an electric shock.


Mariniersbrug under construction

The Mariniersbrug (the bridge that connects the Kattenburgerstraat to the Piet Heinkade) will be under construction between 18 March and 17 May.  The road stays accessible, but traffic will be slowed down most of the time. Read more here.

Walk-in Oosterdokseiland 25 March

Walk-in evening about lot 5b / 6 Oosterdokseiland, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Monday, March 25: walk-in evening about lot 5b / 6 on Oosterdokseiland. This takes place at the ODE Project Office on the construction site.

Program: discussion about the state of affairs of the construction work, the adjustments to the approach route of the parking garage and the first designs for the public space.

Tip: ‘Open Codes’ in Karlsruhe

This exhibition is highly recommended by our good friend Charles Landry:  The ‘Open Codes’ project in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The exhibition, that started in October 2017, has recently entered its second round, which will last until June 2.

While the first phase ‘Open Codes. Living in Digital Worlds’ presented many varied examples of codes, from Morse code to genetic code, the second phase ‘Open Codes. The World as a Field of Data’ focuses on a world that is increasingly driven by data.  This second edition of Open Codes will show you this new world of fields of data in an abundance of examples. It opens to us a new horizon for humankind: transhumanism built on artificial intelligence. Go check it out!



Domestic: Take proper care of your waste

We need you to take proper care of separating your waste, not only for the sake of the environment but also because of the fact that Renewi will not empty the bins if they contain the wrong kind of waste.  It is quite simple: paper bins should solely contain paper. Glass bins only glass. Plastic bins only plastic. So, for instance, take out paper, glass and batteries from the plastic bags that carry those items.

Waste bins

  1. Paper bin: no plastic garbage bags, just paper and cardboard, please flatten all boxes
  2. Glass bin: no plastic garbage bags, just glass
  3. Plastic bin: all plastic waste and plastic bags, nothing else
  4. Other waste
  5. Bin Polo: batteries and toners

Locations waste bins (1-4)

  • 003 A (a plastic bin is ordered)
  • 002
  • 024/025 (a plastic bin is ordered)
  • 027 E
  • 039 (a glass bin is ordered)

Domestic: Door tags

From now on requests for new tags are handled on Wednesdays.  Reason: tags have to be activated at the location, this can not be done in between tasks.

In your request for a new door tag to, please specify:

  1. Name company
  2. Name employee
  3. Building number/ door letter
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