We need you to take proper care of separating your waste, not only for the sake of the environment but also because of the fact that Renewi will not empty the bins if they contain the wrong kind of waste.  It is quite simple: paper bins should solely contain paper. Glass bins only glass. Plastic bins only plastic. So, for instance, take out paper, glass and batteries from the plastic bags that carry those items.

Waste bins

  1. Paper bin: no plastic garbage bags, just paper and cardboard, please flatten all boxes
  2. Glass bin: no plastic garbage bags, just glass
  3. Plastic bin: all plastic waste and plastic bags, nothing else
  4. Other waste
  5. Bin Polo: batteries and toners

Locations waste bins (1-4)

  • 003 A (a plastic bin is ordered)
  • 002
  • 024/025 (a plastic bin is ordered)
  • 027 E
  • 039 (a glass bin is ordered)