Foodlogica is a logistical service designed to clean the last mile of Amsterdam’s local food system. This month, Foodlogica starts a pilot at the Marineterrein, bringing supermarket orders to your door by e-bike. It’s another small step towards a car-free Marineterrein. Foodlogica takes the whole month of August to set up a system that works best for the community of the Marineterrein. This is the plan;

  1. First, FoodLogica starts with informing en questioning companies.
  2. Then, the Polo starts taking in deliveries for community-members from supermarkets* at the main entrance.
  3. Deliveries go straight to the Foodlogica-hub at the main entrance, where they are checked and stocked.
  4. Every work-day, Foodlogica picks-up deliveries and distributes them by e-bike between 10.00 and 12.00 hours in the morning.
  5. Have your orders delivered before 11.00 hours to Marineterrein Amsterdam, Building 003A. Orders that arrive after 12.00 hours stay in refrigerators and will be delivered the next day.

*The plan concerns supermarket deliveries only.  Restaurant deliveries, offices supplies and other orders are not part of this plan.