Thursday, 28 March 2019, 16.00 – 19.30 
design of 027 grounds – new community members – opening art exhibition
Community Drinks & Bites
Location: Building 001 (Commandantswoning)Very exciting interventions are going to happen to the grounds around Building 027 the coming months: there will be less room for cars, and more room for bikes, plants and outdoor seating. Above all, there will be lots of possibilities for experimental projects and test runs. During the next Community Drinks & Bites at Building 001 (the Commandantswoning), you will find out more about this project. Furthermore, there is news* to share about the Marineterrein community and its members.
After this, the opening of the new art exhibition at the Commandantswoning ‘Ingenieurskunst’ by Cityscapes Foundation is taking place, so don’t miss it!

*  Note: if you have news to share too, let us know or feel free to jump up front.

Program Thursday 28 March
16.00 hours: walk-in
16.30 hours: design of 027 grounds, the introduction of new community members, other news
17.00 hours: drinks & bites
18.00 hours: opening art exhibition
19.30 hours: end

Location: Building 001 (Commandantswoning)

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