The Marineterrein Slack channel is extremely useful for all kinds of news, questions, problems and fun things, so sign-up now (if you’re not one of the 92 members that have done so already)

We have enabled anyone with an @purplepill. io, @codam. nl, @sensiks. com, @ahk. nl, @e-nemo. nl, @marineterrein. nl, @allianderdgo. com, @amecboard. com, @drainproducts. nl, @theappacademy. nl, @tgs. nl, @orientation. nl, @studiozeitgeist. nl, @tvacademy. nl, @ijsfontein. nl, @amsterdamsmartcity. nl, @pensionhomeland. com, @cinekid. nl, @growthtribe. nl, @borges. xyz, @xrbase. co, @scheepskameel. nl, @academypictures. nl, @spook. fm, @digitalnatives. nl, @houseofsecrets. nl, @thenextspeaker. nl, @whoozy. net, @locatienet. com, @openstate. eu, @brouwerij-homeland. nl, @youngmavericks. com, @clubhouse. amsterdam, @ams-institute. org, or @fmo-solutions. com email address to join the Marineterrein Community workspace on Slack.

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