Building 025 was the first building to receive the new building numbers. They’ve been put up last week, and in the following weeks, all other buildings in the public space of the Marineterrein will follow. The signs are 80 cm tall and – depending on the location – up to 160 cm wide. Each building will have 2 signs on 2 corners, so they can be seen from every angle.

Why these new building numbers?

During the military past of the – now open – Marineterrein, all buildings were given their own number. Due to a lack of street names and the size of the buildings, the new building numbers can be very helpful for visitors to find their way across the Marineterrein.

Wayfinding on the Marineterrein consists of roughly 4 components:

  1. Street plan signs (at the entrances)
  2. Door signs (metal frames with blue signs)
  3. Routes (a yellow route along Kade West and a red route across the Voorwerf) visible on lampposts and signposts
  4. Building numbers