Wayfinding on Marineterrein Amsterdam is never finished. The area grows and changes continuously. Morover, we have building numbers instead of street names. Next to physical signage, it is very important to optimize findability on Google Maps, this concerns both community members and the Marineterrein as a whole. That is why we organized a Google Map Workshop together with people from Localyse on May 9th.

Download here: 13 easy steps to optimize your listing on Google Maps (tailor-made for the Marineterrein Community!)

Some extra tips for community members

  • Go to Google My Business (GMB) and claim your business. If you don’t, other parties can easily change your preferences.
  • Fill out all input boxes with your business details and don’t forget your BUILDING NUMBER.
  • Put your ‘pin’ close to the actual entrance. If you share the entrance with others, put your pin right next to your neighbours.
  • Check and update your listing on GMB regularly.

Marineterrein @googlemaps 

  • Together with Localyse, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam has updated the lay-out of the Marineterrein with new walkways.
  • Strategic facilities such as the fitness garden and the porter’s lodge have been added to Google Maps.
  • Next step: gain Google streetview images of (the Marineterrein is not public and therefore not covered by google streetview ).


Mail vries@marineterrein.nl