Almost all new signs at the Marineterrein have now been put up. There are a few entrance signs that need added (around 027) or replaced (near 003), this will be done during the coming weeks. As you all know, the building number is the basis for the location of communion members on the Marineterrein, that is why you need to mention your building number at all times (also online, see this post about optimizing your findability).

Wayfinding at the Marineterrein consists of:

  1. map boards at entrances where you can find building numbers
  2. totem poles that indicate public locations and the route of all building numbers
  3. building numbers
  4. entrance signs

Signage by Community members

  1. Community members who share a building can put up signs at the entrance, behind the window according to these guidelines.
  2. Community members with an entire building (Codam, AMS) have been given permission by Bureau Marineterrein to put signage on the facade.
  3. Community members with a public function also have been given permission to do some flexible signage near their entrance.

Outside the Marineterrein

What happens outside the Marineterrein in terms of communication is on your own initiative and in agreement with the municipality.

Event signing

Event organizers such as WeMakeThe.City need to make a request in advance for additional (temporary) signs, flags or billboards during the time of the event. Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam decides if this is acceptable.