Work on Kade West was restarted this week. Together with Living Lab partners AMS Institute, NEMO De Studio, AMEC Board and Amsterdam Smart City, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is building the Living Lab; a unique place in the heart of the city where solutions for urban challenges can be tested.

Jobs for the next months

The greenhouse, which is currently next to building 024, will move to kade West soon. Also, preparations are already being made for the testbed of the City Sports project, which starts right after the summer. Furthermore,  a flexible infrastructure (water, electricity, internet) will be built around the test fields, this will take several months to finish.

Neat and tidy on July 10th

The exhibition The Future of Food starts on July 10 at NEMO De Studio, with hundreds of visitors each day. By then, the facade of The Studio will be finished and the entrance should be neat and tidy.

Ongoing transformation

As Marineterein Amsterdam Living Lab will host subsequent projects that need to be tested, this part of the Marineterrein will be subjected to continuous change and ongoing work.


We do not expect any serious noise nuisance, but there will be construction traffic to take into account. If you have problems because of constructions works, or if you have questions, please send an email to and we will look for a solution or an answer straight away.