Marineterrein LIVE will be showcasing what the community of the Marineterein has to offer to other parties. The main goal is to connect interesting parties to the Marineterrein Community and build collaborations.

In a cocktail of talks and demos, several organizations at the Marineterrein, such as AMS Institute, Growth Tribe, Codam and IJsfontein, will demonstrate how the community of the Marineterrein takes on relevant challenges in 2019. Key words are: growth hacking, open data, networking, playful learning, liquid leadership, roaming, virtual & augmented reality, washed water & more.

17.00: doors open
17.30: opening of Marineterrein Live (guest speaker)
17.45: live sessions: talks, food & drinks, networks, demos
20.00: end

Location: Marineterrein Amsterdam, Workshop Building 027

Interested to join? Contact